Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Okie dokie! Now it is time for round TWO!

Mostly this is going to be me telling your peeps not to worry (and yelling a weeee bit)!

In our last post we commented on how RAW bones will not splinter or cause harm. Dogs were MADE to digest raw bones! Chicken bones are completely OKAY raw! But remember, do not give your dog ANY type of cooked bones! Raw chicken bones are no more dangerous than dog kibble.
It is more likely that your dog will inhale his food while eating to fast, swallow a tennis ball, or eat a sock (which I have done many times as a puppy!) and develop intestinal problems than by eating some raw chicken and bones. 
Though I must mention that the bones probably should be IN the chicken still, don't cut the meat off! Also be responsible and make sure what you are feeding your dog is appropriately sized. For example, I would never be fed just a chicken wing, I would be fed a chicken wing still attached to half the body!

chicken breast, sojos veggie, eggs, and some crackers!

Myth: I can feed RAW and kibble to transition them like I do when switching to a different brand of kibble.

A: NO!!!!!! Please do NOT feed RAW and kibble at the same time! I CANNOT express how dangerous this is, especially in active, large breed dogs. Your chances of bloat go WAY up!
Kibble and raw meat digest at different rates and causes extreme stomach and internal upset!

Me waiting for my Sojos

So WHY feed RAW?

1. No more funky dog smell! Though Ma must admit after my seizure my saliva smells weird, but this is probably due to my seizure, we never had that problem before BOL!

2. Clean teeth! Dude, before Ma had to brush my teeth and it was no fun, I still had bad stuffs on my teefers too! After RAW all that plaque went away and my vet said I have better teeth at 5 than some of their 1 year old patients! My teeth ROCK!

3. Smaller Poo! I think our humans will enjoy this one!!

4. Better weight as you are controlling food to calorie burned intake! 

Some of you may say your vet does not recommend it. Mine doesn't recommend it either and looks at us like we are crazy for feeding it. 
Sometimes I spill my sojos everywhere!

Myth: If my vet says it is bad, it must be!

A: FALSE! You want to know why your vet says this? Their college tuition may have been paid for big name brands, they are being paid to endorse big brands (ours has Hills Science Diet), and just plain lack of independent learning. Ma always thought regular foodables were just fine, until she got me! All in the education, it is a scary place in the dog food industry once you get deep into learning what goes into commercial dog food!

We hope you learned something today and if you would like an easy simple way to do RAW ask Murphy and Stanley's Ma about how easy SOJOS! (we hopes their Ma doesn't mind :] )

~Stinky Kisses,




  1. No problem, we love Sojos! Easy peasy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  2. We had no luck transitioning Monty to raw. He was horrified that we expected him to eat it like that. We wasted a ton of food before we gave up. Although, we did find out that Sam liked fish... Anyway, we may give it another go with Harlow. She might like it a bit better...

    Monty and Harlow


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