Saturday, June 21, 2014

RAW Myth Busters Part I

See I just loves me some RAW really, I do love poo as well!

I have to eat RAW due to some foodie allergies! 
But after much research Ma knows that RAW is the best for kitties and puppies.
Ma hears LOADS of excuses arguments from people that don't really hold up.

We are here to DUBUNK the RAW myths:
Pureed Bison Liver 

Myth: There is so much bacteria from RAW meat that it will spread salmonella to me and my family.

Answer: There is bacteria on RAW meat (shocker I know), but if you use the same precautions as you do with your own meat, then you should be A-Okay! 

Myth: If I feed my dog RAW meat the bacteria will stay in their saliva and spread it to me and my family.

Answer: This is always a possibility, but that bagged food you love so much also has the EXACT same bacteria in it and if not stored properly (which a large amount of households do not store their pets food correctly) and if you do not wash their bowls/your hands after touching it EVERY time YOU could be spreading it around your house.

Myth: I have always been told that chicken bones can splinter and kill my dog, I won't feed bone-in chicken! 

Answer: Yes, cooked chicken bones will splinter and possibly kill your dog, don't feed them that! Any bone from any animal becomes extremely brittle and thus, makes them shatter easily. Since you are feeding them RAW this is not a problem silly. 

Myth: Bones are completely indigestible!

Answer: uh...HUH? You will give your dog a rawhide (which cuts their gums, can cause internal blockages possibly leading to death or surgery, and has 0 nutritional value), but not a RAW bone-in meat? That is pretty silly! Bones are completely digestible. You don't see them in their poo do you? I am not sure where this even came from. They were built to eat it!

Ground chicken, plain greek yogurt, and flax seed

Myth: It is SOOOO expensive, I couldn't possibly afford it! I don't have a local butcher!

Answer: If you do the math, you are going to feed less and have a healthier pet! The nearest butcher to me is 35-40 minutes. I buy ALL of my meat in the sale bin from a local grocery store. No antibiotics, no preservatives, 100% natural (I shop at a co-op). I get the meat reduced as it is soon expiring. You just have to ask the store when they put their meat on sale generally. I get a LOT of ground chicken for 50 cents to $1.99. Remember your pet does not need a ton of food to be healthy! Don't love them with food! Mason would be a bazillion pounds and unable to walk if I let him eat until he was full (which is never). 
You also are not limited to just the regular store meats. I occasionally get bison meat, rabbit, lamb, alpaca, llama, the possibilities are literally endless! I know people that feed mice, rats (they've raised them themselves).

Myth: I will have to worm my dog every month!

Answer: No, worm on your regular schedule. Personally, I just add a spoonful of garlic to their food about once a month as it is a natural dewormer. Unless you see active worms in their poo, just continue on your normal schedule. Don't shoot me! Garlic in LARGE quantities causes anemia, but small amounts is okay (this is a heavily debated topic on discussion groups I am part of). 

Chopped Bison Liver

So we want to know what YOU want to know about RAW. We are up for the challenge of finding an answer to every myth you can throw at us! 

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Great advice. Our vet swears that raw chicken wings are good for dogs and their teeth but we haven't tried them as peeps is worried about bones splintering. The vets says it won't but we kind of remain cautious. Have a serene Sunday and enjoy some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My dogs eat mostly raw as well. I do feed some kibble though, especially on the days I am feeling lazy! Raw does take more work than just scooping kibbles into a bowl.

  3. Since we discovered Sojos Complete we are happy pups. No questions.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog but I is not new to raw!! Mom has been feeding us delicious raw noms for like 3-4 years. It's the bomb digity!!!


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