About My Mommy

A few things about Mason and Myself:

  • I am 22 years old
  • I work with behaviorally challenged/special needs children
  • I spoil my dog like no tomorrow!
  • Halloween is my fave!
  • I have owned Mason since he was 1
  • We share the same birthday (April 24th)
  • His siblings owners and I can only figure that they are mixed with golden retriever and collie. He and an older sister from another litter both are gold, and a brother from his litter. His sister from the same litter is brown and white like a collie. The one who owns this sister was at the shelter volunteering when they came in and said the litter was gold, brown & white, charcoal, B&W, and white. So it is a toss up if they are border collie or just collie.
  • Mason is the tiniest of his siblings that we know. He weighs 66 pounds and is just right. All of his siblings we know are fat and overweight but ALL of them love to chase balls. Mason is the most social of them and on occasion plays with other dogs.
  • I am the oldest of SIX children
  • We live in Wisconsin, USA

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