Friday, July 20, 2012

Wowza! Mom went shopping!!

Hey all!

I have to share my excitement here real real fast so I can get back to playing with my new Squeaky Elephant!! It has a squeaky and those things are just so fun don't you think? Mom said she had to buy me a toy I actually liked playing with instead of the one that I just don't love!

I was so excited when mommy took that elephant thing outta the bag, I just knew it was for me! I took that thing in my mouth, ran outside, and did zoomies all over like a crazy guy! Then I found the SQUEAKY!!! Those things are just my favorite!!

Mommy also got me some more foodies! I eat Sojo's!, and I am not picky on foodie flavors. It is really hard with mommies schedule to feed RAW so we do the next best thing with SoJos! If you have not ever heard of this yummy foodies you needs to visit their site, or here is there Facebook.

For you lazy doggies like me I will just write a short bark about it. SoJos is this super nummylicious foods that the humans dehydrate of their foods! Can you believe it? I get to eat human foods every day! They have a special kind for kitties too if you have some of those creatures. My current bags of SoJos is Beef and Veggies w/ Fruit.

Before I ate SoJos I had horrible skin scratchies and stinky breathes (haha I still have this but not as bad mommy says). It was all the grains in the foodies that they sell commercially giving me those horrible skin scratchies. At one point I had licked my tummy and *ahem* unmentionable parts raw! I also had bloody scabs all over my back! Mommy didn't want to put me on medicines, so she decided to see if we could change things by getting new foods and treats! Now I am totally grain free, YAY!!

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Hello mate nice to meet you thanks for stopping by my blog! I've sent you a friend request on FB. Deccy x

    1. Oh cool Declan! My first blogger facebook friend! Yay! Mom will be sure to log on for me later and accept it!

      Thanks for adding us!

      ~Stinky Kisses, Mason


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