Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walkies for Me!

Oh yes! Finally it has cooled off enough for me to have my walkies! I was so excited I almost took out everything on the way out the door!

On our way to the open field where mom throws a tennis ball for me a snooty lady (from the snooty neighborhood where we walk) had called animal control on a yellow lab that had wondered into her yard. My fellow doggy has tags and a harness as well as a collar on (so you know he is loved!) hopefully he has a microchip so they can find his peoples even faster! I bet they misses him lots, I know I missed my mommy when I went on vacation even though it was so much fun every day! Mommy posted an ad on that website called craigslist in case someone was looking for that doggy. We wanted to play with each other so much that doggy was pulling on his leash like a crazy doggy! We could tell he was friendly from his body language, but that mean lady said "NO BAD DOGS!" She had the nerve to yell at me, who wasn't even pulling on my leash! Hopefully that doggy's mommy or daddy comes to find him soon.

We did get to go get that tennis ball...and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I enjoyed my first walky and tennis ball game in weeks! WOOF for cooler weather!!

Remember when mommy was at that hospital place waiting for that hupup? Well that stinky thing finally came and let me tell you, it has some stinky messes I wouldn't even eat! Here is a photo of her:

~Stinky Kisses, Mason

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