Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mom Said the B Word!!

Uh oh! I went to go hide as mom said the B word today! BATH!!! She said I was getting one tomorrow and I really hate those things! I just got one last month, but mom says I STINK again!

She just doesn't understand all those smells I roll in are so great to get the girls! She says I stink like wees so I MUST get a bath tomorrow :(

Mom also caught me eating my own poo outside when I thought she wasn't looking. I eat a grain free diet so my poos don't smell all that appetizing, but I cannot help it. I cannot resist poos! Cat poo or my poo! Mom gets really angry when I do it too, which makes it even more fun! I enjoy making her mad! She came home today and I was eating my poos outside, inside I had gotten into some rhubarb, the trash, and the cat's box! HAHAHAHAHAHA she was so mad I nearly burst in two watching her clean it all up. Now she says shes gonna shove pills down my throat without giving them to me in cheese like usual for dewormer (I need this frequently as I do not limit my poo eating to just me and cat! I eat other dogs at the park as well! Poo is my favorite thing to eat.

My mommy is making all of you ask if you have suggestions. I love that bitter apple spray as well as pineapple! NOMNOMNOM, so these do not work.

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Sorry, but this was really funny. I came by after you posted on my WW post. I have no suggestions since we keep the puppies in training on a leash and generally don't have this problem. Maybe pick up the poo right after each poo so there isn't any in the backyard? but that only takes care of your place, not that dog park. Good luck!!!

    1. Mason's Mom: Sadly I am unable to watch him poo every single time! He has a door to go in and out when he wants and is extremely good about it. Mason isn't on a leash at all in our yard, hiking, or pretty much anywhere he is allowed off leash! He has got to have some of that lab "MUST EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT" gene in him someplace!

      Thanks for stopping by and visit often!


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