Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doggy Kiesh and Buffalo Ribs

WOOOOFFF!!! I am so excited everyone! Mommy made me some yummies this morning. She had leftover ingredients from her kiesh so she made some doggy friendly ones!

They were so yummy! I gobbled 2 of them up so fast I don't think I even tasted them. Mom put in some eggs, spinach, mozzo cheese balls, and buffalo meats. Can you believe it?! I get these tasty things for breakfast every day for a week now! 

How could you not eat them? Those toasted goodies from that hot box smelled so good I could hardly wait until they cooled off, I had a hard time following "no doggies in the kitchen" rule. 

I also saw mom put the buffalo bone in the fridge so I could eat it laters after the companies have gone home. Those companies wouldn't really like it if I got my buffalo all over them so mom says it is best to wait until bed time to eat it! I can hardly wait. I love raw bones (because cooked bones are dangerous for us doggies).

Do you parents cook you anything nommy? Do they give you special treats like my mommy does?

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Those look fantastic. I think I can smell them. Yep, my MOM makes me yummies a lot. I am glad I get to go in the kitchen to help her.

    1. Goose you are so lucky you are allowed in that kitchen! I like to eat garbage from the trash so mommy has a gate up to keep me out :(

  2. That looks delicious! Your so lucky to have delicious homemade goodies! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Betty the Bichon!

    1. Hi Betty! Thanks for stopping by! Mommy and I hope to be doing lots of goodies when the snow comes! She is going to make tons of goodies for our bloggy friends to sample!


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