Monday, April 15, 2013

New Month

Mom is such a slacker!
We are late about posting a Dane!
Remember Lola?
She is still with us and is awaiting her forever home still!
For the month of April Big Stinky Dog will tell you about Tank

This 8 month old little boy loves to play fetch and knows how to sit & stay.
 He is a water lover and enjoys having a bath!
 His foster mom was walking Tank and she slipped on some ice. Tank immediately stopped, turned, and ran to make sure his foster mom was alright, stood over her to protect her, and even tried to help her get up.

Tank weighs 105 pounds (needs to gain some weight) and is a very large Dane. From the ground to the top of his head he is 40 inches tall and from head to tale he is 44 inches. He will still grow!

Tank is a gentle Dane and has a very soft mouth when it comes to food, bones, treats, or playing. He loves rawhide bones and soft puppy beds.

Tank needs a gentle lead while he is walking or a harness just because of his size and getting used to his name. He is wonderful and calm after he is done being infatuated with the foster family's two female dogs. Tank will be neutered before he is adopted.

We ask that you do not crate Tank as he will hurt himself destroying the crate to get out. Tanks has not been destructive when left out and loves free roam. Tank MUST be able to have free roam with his adopted family.

Tank is a casual eater where he will eat some and then come back later for more. He has no food aggression.

Tank has had no mistakes and is completely house trained. He will go stand by the door or nudge you to go outside.

Tank is an amazing 8-9 month old Dane. He needs to be part of a family with children or teenagers because he clings and watches over children and his foster family. It is hard to explain but he just knows! He knows your emotions and tries to fill the void. Tank would make an amazing therapy Dane!




  1. We sure have our paws crossed for those forever homes
    Benny & Lily

  2. Tanks seems wonderful, I hope he finds a loving furever home soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Oh how MOM's heart is just melting away. We are saying our best prayers for both of them.

  4. We hope both Lola and Tank find forever homes soon. Good luck to them both. Have a terrific Tuesday Mason.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Howdy Mason, your Tank reminds mum of our angel brother Brucey. We have paws crossed both Tank and Lola find a loving forever home soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. We thinks Tank is just beautiful and we wish he would find his forever home real soon, we know whoever has him will love him much!!
    stella rose

  7. We are very hopeful that both Tank and Lola find homes. We used to rescue Danes way back when, and always had Goldens and Danes!


  8. He is lovely!! I hope they both get new homes quickly!


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