Monday, June 25, 2012


I survived my stay at the kennel! Mommy called to check on me a few times and they said I was being one of the best behaved doggies, can you believe it?

Being so good all week while mommy was away really made me itch to get naughty again, so I found these taxidermy gator heads from only I know where and started to eat them NOM NOM NOM!! The smell was so good mommy just didn't understand, and it tasted sooooo yummy!

She got real worried about me and almost to me to that vetty place! She was being silly, I just pooped everything out of course as usual! I am one lean, mean, stinky, poopin machine!

When we came home mommy went to our favorite store, Wags & Whiskers, where they were having a really HUGE sale (and we all know how mommies cannot resist sales!) She got me these really cool stuffy toys that have squeakiness in them. We got big squishies and little squishies! My favorite is the big blue squishy because it is so hard to find a squeaky in all that squishy!

Mommy got treats, a shirt for herself (because I am a dignified doggy who doesn't wear clothes!), and this awesome camping cot! I do not really love it as of yet, it mainly is just holding my stuffies and pillows right now, but mommy says I WILL love it eventually!


If you live in La Crosse area you super duper need to go to Wags & Whiskers! The staff is always so friendly, helpful, and put up with mommies craziness! They have everything under the sun you could ever want for your doggies (and kitties too!) that makes us all healthy, happy, and keeps us running around causing trouble!

Really need to go play with my squishies now!

~Stinky Kisses, Mason

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