Tuesday, June 26, 2012


WOW!! I cannot believe it! Our local pet store, which mom is a shopaholic at (Ahem, it is nothing he doesn't need!!), has me as their cover photo! How will I deal with all this publicity? Maybe I should get an agent?! We have to go back there today because I am getting my nails done all perty like. Mommy doesn't like them going click, click, click when I do my security checks while she is trying to sleep.

Hopefully I won't be to bombarded with pawgraphs's at the doggy park when I go later tonight. Right now I am writing this while mommy is watching the news. All that crazy stuff going on around the world makes my head spin faster than when I chase my own tail! I will stick to smelling my news around town when we walk that other four leggers leave on the news trail.

Here is a photo my mommy took of my famous pose!

Look at my gorgeous schnoz! I was trying out that pretty sweet cot! Hopefully if you live in our area you will visit Wags & Whiskers

Today mommy is also stuffing my purple ball with treats so I have to work to get out my yummies! Why she doesn't just give me all the yummies outside the ball I will never know! ARGH!! This purple ball makes me so frustrated, I will chew on it extra long just to show it who's boss! 

I must go nap now, as this ball tires me out.

~Stinky Kisses, Mason

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