Friday, June 15, 2012

How Mommy Named My Bloggy

I will let mommy tell you this because she is better with the words!

Well many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Honey the Great Dane and her humans (plus her kitty!). Her blog is called Big Honey Dog. I really want to clear up that I did not steal Honey's blog name! It took me a few days to decide just what to call Mason's blog. Some of the other options were Mason's blog (wow what fun is that!), Life of a Golden Retriever Mix (ehh, to long), and The Daily Bark (I am almost 100% positive someone already has this.) 

Mason is not a little dog by any means. So I could not call the blog Little Stinky Dog! Medium stinky dog, really just sounds dumb! So I sat down with a friend and we played with words in 3 different categories. (descriptive, descriptive, dog describer word) Some things that came out were "Stinky Wet Dog", "Large Big Mutt", and "Big Hairy Dog". None of them really had a ring to it. 

It really bothered me that naming a blog was so hard! I like BIG dogs. Nothing wrong with little dogs I just prefer really big dogs that draw people's eyes. We regularly go hiking with other dog owners (they have smaller dogs). So I hear a lot of "wow your dog is big", but in reality he is an average size!  Hiking one day brought us  to something that was dead, decayed, or something of that sort. It really was not a pleasant smell. It lasted the whole trail so we thought maybe it was something in the mud? No turns out Mason had rolled in something and it took THREE washes right in a row to get it out! People on the trail that day as we passed said 'OH a big dog! Oh, something must have died not to far from here'. Well that night I decided I was going to name Mason's blog 'Big Stinky Dog'.  

This is the story of how we got our name. Now I will let Mason tell his side of the story: 

Mommy does not understand that what I rolled in smelled amazing and any female would have been drooling at my feet had she smelled it. It was a wonderful natural perfume! I enjoyed walking off leash, but mommy says I MUST stay on a leash now :( This annoys mommy a lot because the trails are not always wide enough for us to walk next to each other.

I want to tell you all how much I enjoy getting comments. It is hot today so we doggies have to stay cool inside.

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Oh gosh, Mason - I would never have thought you were "stealing" my blog name! Hee! Hee! And anyway, I would have been very honoured to think that I had a blog name worth stealing! :-)

    I think Big Stinky Dog is a cool name - although I do find it insulting that humans think "stinky" is a bad adjective. I totally agree with you. Just because their noses are not developed enough to appreciate all the - ahem - natural aromas that we can. I mean, seriously -these are creatures who think "frangipani" smells better than "duck poo"'s a lost cause, you know? :-)

    Besides- I think you can always change your blog name if you really wanted to - although it might get hard for people if they remember that blog address and then have to swap to a new one. But I have had friends who have changed their blog address & names so it can be done! Not saying that you should have to - of course - but just in case you do want to. But we agree that it can be really hard to come up with a blog name. My blog was easy for Hsin-Yi - she just came up with my blog name in the shower when she was thinking of a blog for me...but with her own, she agonised for WEEKS over it and is still not 100% sure she likes it...oh well!

    Anyway, welcome to Blogville - so nice to see you here! I'm going to check out your first post now...

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Mommy.thinks it is a good name! Though I am not sure if she means chino shoes (I chewed a pair up once!) But those choppy stick things always come in a bag with food that makesme drool! In fact I am hungry, I must go find some foodies.


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