Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello my name is Mason! I am a three years old doggy who lives in Wisconsin. I am a golden retriever/some sort of collie mix. My birth mommy and daddy lived on a horrible farm where we were all kept in small pens. When mommy adopted me, a shelter volunteer who adopted my sister said we came in covered in wees n poos! We stank to high heaven and it took volunteers many baths to get us fluffy and ready for our new homes!

I have brown eyes and my hair is a flowing gold color (okay not really flowing, but a doggy can hope!) Mommy says my hair is crazy, sticks up all over like permanent bed head no matter how many times she washes and brushes it! She also says it sticks to everything!! My nose is red, but that is 'cos where we used to live they put chlorine in the water and it bleached my nose from black to red! But we now live someplace where they have regular water and my nose is starting to turn black again!!

I just got a new collar with a new Perry the Platypus name tag! Mommy says I do not know how cool I am with this name tag!
My favorite thing in the world is food, rawhides, bones, treats, food, playing with my friends, being naughty, food, and walking!


Mommy hopes you will come visit us and leave comments! We love to read, hear, and help other doggies! Mommy and I ALWAYS try to reply to our fans!

Stinky Kisses, 


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  1. Hi Mason - it's great getting to know you! Well, your hair IS "flowing" compared to my buzzcut - ha! ha!

    Love the pictures - you have such a gorgeous face!

    Looking forward to following your adventures!

    Honey the Great Dane


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