Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scandal of the Century

Have you heard about the Purina-Blue Buffalo scandal? (Who are we kidding, if you have a facebook, it's plastered over multiple news sources!) 

Here's what Ma says: 
1. If you think either of these foods is 'good' you know very little about dog nutrition. Yes, BB is healthier than Purina, Yes, Purina is healthier than Ol'Roy or Beneful-but not healthy

2. BB supposedly tests each batch of food. If this were true they would have caught the bad batches-lies to cover their butts

3. Purina realized they make quiet possibly some of the shittiest dog food you could feed a dog. They want to make sure the 'healthy' brands are living up to their name, and if not drag them through the mud and point fingers at them screaming 'neener neener, you're a liar!' I don't believe at all that they did it for consumer protection. 

So you were feeding BB (or something worse) now what? How do you know what brand to buy? Which kibble company can you trust? A few simple rules to follow: 

1. No commercials. It's that simple. Companies spends billions of dollars a year on marketing. Marketing gets you to buy nearly anything by making it look fun, healthy, and pretty. 

2. Research: If you don't want to feed a RAW based diet and are certain kibble is the way to go (not all kibble is bad!) make sure you do research. Labels, read them! Don't know what an ingredient is? Google it, find out why it is in your dogs food! 

3. If you can buy it at Walmart (or any other store similar) Petco or Petsmart it probably is a giant NO! It is mass produced. I'm not discreting all of their brands, as I cannot visit every single pet store chain and know what each individual one carries. Again: refer to number 2 (no not the poop number 2) 

'Dear Ms. Mason's mom, I'm still confused about all this kibble nonsense and I am generally a pretty lazy person, do you have recriminations?' 

Oh lazy person who doesn't want to do research I most certainly do have suggestions! 

1. Sojos: it is a freeze dried RAW food that you can soak for 15 minutes in water before feeding or make a large batch for the week. It should be refrigerated if you do this as it is a raw food. All the ingredients are sourced from North America (Canada and the U.S.) and I heard talk of going GMO free. It's also human grade, I'm raiding our local pet store that carries it at the end of the world. 

2. Orijen: they process their own food and their is very little crap in it (if any at all, Lemon the kitty did well on this, he just ate it way to quickly) processing their own ingredients means for no screw ups like BB.

3. Fromm: it's local to us here in Wisconsin. No recalls. Five generations of  family have owned and operated this company (115 years worth of people!) they also own their own processing plants. Both are located in WI-all their food originates from these plants! The also supposedly test the quality of their food with lab testing as well as subjec to random testing. At a cursory glance I cannot find info for where they get their ingredients from, but I will edit when I find out. 


  1. We like Blue Buffalo Wild with duck. Oh well
    Lily & Edward

  2. Scary how some dog foods are so bad. We stick to what we know. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi Mason's 'rent
    We loves loves loves Orijen. It is kinda expensive. But Mommy says that is okay since good food is like preventative medicine. Halo is good - nothing unpronounceable in it. My Mommy #2 Googles everything. . .
    and I do mean everything. I had a bad reaction to Fromm. Nothing wrong with their food - it is ALL good. I just couldn't handle it for some weird reason.
    Love Noodles

  4. Yes, read labels. It is most impawtent!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Thanks for the information. Abby gets Holistic Select, which is a small company, and can only be found in one local store. I'll do further research though and will check out some of the raw foods for her.

  6. There are other human grade natural foods also. I feed mine Now dog food. I did have her on Orijen but it has more fat & I need to feed her as much as I can without her gaining weight.


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