Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fenced In By Love Contest

We have chosen to pawticipate in a contest called Fenced In By Love by Dog Fence DIY 2014 awards
See contest info here :)

Homeless Hounds is a non-profit organization created through Puppy Palace Dog Daycare & Boarding Center and is a "Different" kind of dog rescue. 

Homeless Hounds was created to help families in this hard economy that are losing their homes or going through difficult times. Often, when put into this situation, individuals or families are forced to relinquish their dogs to a shelter. The dog will then be rehomed with a new family or, if the dog is old or ill, possibly even euthanized. Homeless Hounds provides another option. 

Instead of losing their dogs on top of the extreme hardship of losing a home, Homeless Hounds will board a dog free of charge for these families until they are able to relocate and we are able to place these lovable pooches back with the families they treasure. 

Of course, offering this amazing service for families and dogs in need comes with a price. Many of these dogs need special care such as hypoallergenic food, constant grooming, medical treatment, and other special treatment. Because of these costs, Homeless Hounds relies on the help of La Crosse and the surrounding communities to keep this program up and running.( 

I believe in what Homeless Hounds is doing for our community. They are helping keep wonderful owners together with their beloved pets, a few of whom I have met and are wonderful dogs. Just because someone is temporarily unable to financially care for their dog(s) should not mean they have to give them up. I think Homeless Hounds really deserves this as they are providing a service that no other organization in this area provides. I would rather be homeless than give my dog away and many owners feel the same. Instead of this option Homeless Hounds lets you keep your dog in a safe environment and lets you get back on your feet financially without having to worry about your dog or giving it away.

Here are some Photos from our recent fundraiser (we cannot post photos of actual dogs in the rescue as many people do not wish to have their dogs photos posted or are in witness protection. These dogs in the photos are from our fundraiser that people in the community chose to attend)

Unfortunately we didn't get the turnout we wanted due to very cold weather! The few dogs who braved the weather seemed to enjoy themselves though! 

Hopefully Big Stinky Dog Blog can win this so we can help out Homeless Hounds!

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~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. It is a good cause! I'm sorry so few folks showed up, but it was great to see those that did.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. Thanks! We had a lot of fun regardless and all the extra food went to the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter kitchen :) We helped two wonderful and deserving places that day!


  2. What a pity the weather let you down but well done to everybody who braved the elements. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I glad u help people and critters! :)


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