Friday, December 20, 2013


So I am combing two posts into one here. Our present from So Fly.

First let us start with presents!!

We came home from the dogtur and found this:
A beautiful box!


Aromatherapy is something mom uses!!

Their business card is so cute! (The small one) as well as the Holiday card!

Mom's FAVE is the collar and handmade tag made of wood that has our number on the back!!

Thank you so MUCH! We love our prezzies and hope you enjoy the measly stuff we sent you!

Now onto the dogtur stuff:

I originally took Mason in when he limped for more than a week and they said it was his hip bothering him. Light activity for a month or so should heal it.
 I took him in again today originally for his anxiety (which they gave us nothing for, just suggested I 'train him'. Hello?? What do you think I have been doing for 3.5 years??? That is all we did for a few years was work on his anxiety!!! This is my last option!)
I mentioned that his leg was still bothering him so they rechecked it. Turns out he tore the Cruciate ligament (circled in yellow). They are the ligaments responsible for keeping the Femur and Tibia from rubbing together. I discussed my options with the vet and he said it should be fine until July when I have enough money saved. I am going to be penny pinching everything and cutting my budget in half of what I currently spend on groceries, dog stuff, gas, etc. 

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. First, ohhhhh poor Mason, thats gotta hurt! second , ohhhhhh por Mom, thats gotta hurt also, hope you guys can get him fixed up, we will cross our paws for Mason & You! Third, hope some Christmas gifts put a little bright spot in at least one day!

    The Mad Scots

  2. I think I would get a second opinion and try a different vet

  3. Oh dear we think a second opinion also would be a good idea. Sending more healing vibes and POTP.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Awesome bling, buddy. I hope your leg can heal itself and you won't even need surgery. Mom's old dog, Smoki had a torn ligament and after 3 weeks of cage rest, and leash walking, and steroid pills, she got better.

    Love and licks and some prayers,

  5. We will be thinking of both of you, and I agree with Reilly and Denny! Second opinions can go a long way.

    Monty and Harlow

  6. Glad you enjoyed our gift! The dog tag is actually made out of a slice of deer antler, not wood, but it is an understandable mistake.

    As for the doctor stuff- I would either call your vet back and tell them that, if they don't prescribe an anti anxiety med for Mason, you will be switching to a vet who will. Or just go ahead and go to another vet who will give you the prescription. If it was a human doctor and you told them the symptoms, they wouldn't have hesitated to write out a prescription. With the cruciate, hopefully you can do the non-surgical healing on it. There is lots of information online about healing a cruciate tear without surgery. I know Felix of Kol's Notes tore his recently and is going the non-surgical route.

  7. Woof woof! Hope u had good holidays!!


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