Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lunacy Needs a Home!

We haven't done a Dane of the Month in some time. We are slackers. I have already tail wapped mom for being a slacker!
This month we have Luna and Lucy (Lunacy, clever eh?) They MUST go together.
These ladies are sisters from different litters (same parents 1 year apart). They have lived together their entire lives and their owner recently passed away. Family surrendered them to UMGDR and we have all of their vet records. They are spayed and current on shots.
This is Luna, a 5 year-7 month old dane. She is hearing impaired and can only hear high pitched noises. She is the bigger of the two and a Merlequin!

Luna is about 110 pounds

This is Lucy! She is smaller at only 80 pounds and is 4 years 11 months old! She was only 10 pounds at her first vet visit (maybe runt of the litter?!)

Maybe their future pawrents can teach Lucy how to finish her eye makeup?

These two sisters are very close!



Luna doing zoomies!!




The sisters!

hehe silly shot of Luna doing something funny with her lips!

Their foster mom says Lucy enjoys posing for the camera but Luna turns out looking kinda doofy most of the time!


Sleepy Luna

Sleepy Lucy





Lucy, a beautiful harlequin is more high energy than her sister Luna and they will need a fenced in yard. She loves her Luna more than anything in the world. She is more timid and has taken a few weeks to let her foster pawrents pet her without running away. It is reported that she also has a fear of stairs but did successfully take one trip down into the basement so far!

Luna is reported to be a calm girl but does love her outside zoomies so they will need a fenced in yard.

Zoomies! Can you spot them both?

According to the family members both Luna and Lucy were raised with a female boxer who was surrendered some time before they were to another rescue. They waited patiently by the window everyday looking for their owner and boxer sister to return home, but they never did. They were also both raised around cats.
Lunacy has their own Facebook Page! Please like and SHARE SHARE SHARE! It is hard to get two dogs adopted out together and even harder to get to older, larger adult Danes into a home. They are a bonded pair and MUST stay together!
Their foster pawrents report that they were used to free roam but upon their first few days left out while they went to work foster mom came home to urine and poo all over. The dogs are doing well being crated while they are away at work. It took them some time before they were interested in seeking out human attention and they will be very shy upon meeting/taking them home. They need someone who is patient and has a huge heart to love them!
Please go like their page and share it! We want them to go to a forever loving home soon!!
~Stinky Kisses, Mason
*All photos were taken with permission, any unauthorized copy of above photos is subject to copyright laws*


  1. We sure hope they find a forever home! I met a few Great Danes and I just walk under them. They were all very nice too.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. They are sweet. Prayers that they get that forever home together.

  3. Beautiful Sisters, Mason. I hope a good family comes to collect them!

    Jo and Stella

  4. They are so cute. Love the markings.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh we wish them well and we hope a forever home is found for them soon. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh what sweet faces!!!! Oh, Ma wishes she could take these two lovelies!
    I will keep my paws crossed that they will find their furever homes very soon!
    Ruby ♥

  7. Keeping everything crossed for them!

  8. Oh good luck! I'm sure they will have find their forever home together!

    Harlow and Monty

  9. Wishing good new homes very soon!!


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