Friday, June 14, 2013

Vetting..To do or Not to do!

The mommy got home today!
On the way home she was wondering about some stuffs.
As many of you know she worked with Autistic children and for those who don't know:
There is a huge controversy as to where Autism stems from. Many think it comes from immunizations, though no solid proof has ever come about for any theory, this is the most popular.
So what about us doggies? Obviously we can't be Autistic but, do you think maybe some of our....quirks...may come from our vaccines?
So mom was you vaccinate just what the law requires? Not at all? Or like me FULLY vaccinated!?

How do you vaccinate?

  • Not at all!
  • Only what the law requires of me!
  • Fully Vaccinated!


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  1. I didn't vote, because (for now) we do in the middle. I have my 3 year rabies, and when I'm 4-5 mom will get me vaccinated with the DPPH. Then we won't vaccinate anymore, except for rabies.

  2. I'm fully vaccinated. Plus I also get the snake bite vaccine because of all the hiking/camping/backpacking we do. We do see snakes and we know more are out there that we do not see. It won't stop the poison, but it slows it down giving my MOM more time to get me the care I would need in case I get bit.

  3. Having gone through Parvo with a dog and fighting to save his life for weeks (he was a puppy who had had his first shot but in between the time of having his second one) I would swear by them. Even though he got parvo I think it was only from having his first shot that he didn't die from it which most puppies do. That being said - there are some things that do affect our dogs - Denny had a severe neurological reaction to a flea treatment which we believe left him much more timid and shy.

  4. OK, we voted, we do what is required, but we do get a couple that the groomer requires also.

    The Mad Scots

  5. Howdy Mason, mum is a firm believer in vaccinations both for people and us pets. Hope your weekend is a great one mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. We don't have to be vaccinated here but we are out of choice. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Someone else posed this question, too. Ma has me gets the basics, rabies and the DHHP (I thinks?). They are comin' out with alot of new ones it seems everyday. I thinks it's a personal choice to gets the extra ones. I think you should know your dog and their surroundings and do what your comfortable with.
    One way or another, ultimately you have to sleep at night.

  8. Definitely something to think about....

  9. We are big fans of not over vaccinating - both dogs and horses. Our vet is too. Our dogs are fully vaccinated, but we don't do the every 6 months, etc. like some recommend.



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