Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finally! The BIG post!

Hello to all of our Furends! Mommy wants to write this post so I am handing it over to her!
Hi all! If you have read our tabs, specifically "About My Mommy" tab you know I volunteer for a Great Dane Rescue. Once a month I would like to feature a dane that has been with us for some time.
About the Rescue:
Name: Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue
Facebook: UMGDR

Please Note: We generally only serve the Dakota's,MN, WI, IA, and IL but we have adopted to other states if it is the right fit :)
Our very first featured dane will be Lexus!
Lexus is a lovely 6 year old spayed female.
She is about 31 inches tall and 115 lbs.
 Lexus came from a
breeder who wanted to get rid of her since her puppy-bearing days were
over, but boy does she still have a lot to give!
Lexus has recently had a dental work up, UTD on vaccinations, and is in excellent form!
 She is housebroken and enjoys free roam in the
Her foster mom does not think she would do well in a house where she would have
to be crated.
She loves dog toys, but has shown no interested in
chewing on things that aren't meant for her.

Lexus has a lot of personality and is very goofy and playful.
 She definitely enjoys a good zoom around the yard when the mood strikes
She is also very content to lounge around on the couch
next to you all day.
Though she is an absolute lover, Lexus would
prefer a household without young children.
 She is a typical goofy and quirky dane, and has a
"house-coat" that she will not go outside without on colder days!

Lexus clearly has not had any formal training, but is naturally a very
polite type.
Lexus is learning to walk on a leash, sit, wait, and "no". Being smart and food motivated helps the process :)
As far as we know Lexus is not a counter surfer! She is a dog and might take an opportunity if it arrises! (Mason does this often)
She enjoys traveling and has no problems being in the car alone!
Being an older gal she enjoys other dogs with good manners. Energetic dogs scare her a little.
Cats are okay too, though a dog-saavy cat would be best as the ones who hiss/run away interest her!

Doesn't that face just say Adopt Me!! If you think you, or someone you know could give Lexus or one of our other sweet danes a home...follow the links provided above!
*Please Note: All info/pics provided by UMGDR and Foster Parents. This info is still protected under our Copyright! 


  1. We sure hope Lexus finds a forever home right away! Great Danes are generally pretty happy dogs to have!

    Keep Calm & Adopt Lexus!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Oh Mason you have hit my MOM's heart. She LOVES Great Danes. Her heart dog, Pete, was a Great Dane/Lab mix and he weighed 140lbs. I love what your mom is doing. Way to go. Lexus is a beautiful girl.

  3. Omd, Lexus is absolutely beautiful! I love big pups, so Great Danes IMHO are awesome dogs!! I hope that she finds a home really, really quickly!! :-D Can't wait to see your new monthly feature!

  4. Oh, Ma is such a SUCKER for big doggies!! Well, small doggies, too. Well, ANY doggies! BOL
    Anyhu, I think Lexus is a cutie!!! I don't thinks she is gonna have any problem finding someone to fall in love with THAT face and say, 'Yes' to a furever homes! I'll keep my paws crossed for her! Great Post Mason's MOms!

  5. We hope Lexus finds a forever home soon. Nice One Mum! Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Howdy Mason, what a gorgeous old girl. We wish her all the best finding a loving forever home. One thing we wonder is why anyone could give up a beauty like her. Take care all and good luck Lexus. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. Lexus is beautiful and I will cross paws that she finds a furever home very soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Lexus looks lovely. I hope she finds a home soon!

  9. Lexus is beautiful & sounds like a great girl! We hope she finds her forever home soon.

  10. Beautiful! We rescued Danes years ago and I do miss them.



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