Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Prize is Revealed!

  We just received our prize for this contest in the mail! WOW was that fast (thanks so much to Shelley at Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co.)!
Hmmm? What is in this? It smells like NOMS!

Mommy let me open THREE whole bags of this stuff for inspection of quality..Yes I can say they all passed inspection very well! 
Mommy says ANYTHING that can make my breath smell better is a WIN!
 I also tried the Soft & Chewy Liver Bits..Mom tried to get a photo of me being patient but I ate around 5 before I finally stopped and was patient!

I also gobbled about 4 mini bones of an assorted mix.

The rest of the bags my furends..are for the WEEENER of my contest!
You mean to tell me I cannot devour all of THESE?

Even the CAT! wanted to see what was up they smells SO NOMMY!

Getch yer nose outta here CAT!

I'm *nom* try *nom* ing to *nom* test dese *nom nom nom* out!

Oh yah Mommy these are DEE-LISH-USS!!

10 Reasons My Mommy Likes Old Mother Hubbard:

1. All Natural Products

2.  No "By-Products"

3.  If you are watching the waste line, they have a calorie counter on each package

4. No artificial preservatives

5. If you are on a limited diet their packages clearly state "No wheat, soy, etc" right on there if they DO NOT contain those ingredients

6. From what she can tell they contain only BASIC ingredients

7. They don't stink! My mommy has an issue with dog food/treats smelling horrible! She has no problems sniffing her
hands after handling them!

8. They do not leave her hands greasy, dirty, or feeling icky in general.

9. The staff at Old Mother Hubbard is FANTASTIC!

10. The price is right. She feels they are very inexpensive for the quality product.

~Stinky Kisses, Mason

*Please Note that Old Mother Hubbard is so PAWsome for providing me this opportunity to eat NOMS! As well as send some NOMS! out for one of you!



  1. WOW, now thats a real load of good stuff, don't eat all of yours at one time. Heeheehee

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees: hope you been getting the entries, we tried to comment yesterday, we did send our email in though!

  2. WOWSERS Mason dats a most pawesome prize, mee has jus peemailed yoo mi entry fur yor competishun n mee is most excitamagated bouts it . Shiloh n Shasta pointeds us in yor way n wee is so happisome dems dids.

    Da K Krew

  3. Wowwee, that is definitely a lot of NUMS Mason!! :-) Pft, what is up with the cat getting involved? I'm sorry, does the baggy say "For Cats"? Hm, I think not!! ;-) Enjoy eating and testing their products!! I haven't seen these in the store, but I'll tell Domeek to go look for them!!

  4. That all looks wonderful. MOM is going to copy and pasted what you wrote cuz the old girl just can't seem to read smaller stuff any more. I said I would help her read it, but she said I am not a seeing eye dog. To that I gave her the raspbery. I hope you are getting lots of entries. You should make all the entries in to a calendar or something. That would be WAY cool drool.

  5. That is a wonderful prize! (BTW, that font is really hard to read.)

    Your Pals Still Searching for Santa Paws But Have Come Up With An Idea To Be Revealed On Friday,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Looks yummy!! Old mother hubbard sounds good, thanks for sharing with us, pal

  7. Howdy Mason, how cool. The pressies look fabo. Glad you got to try some. Hope you got our e mail with our photos we sent yesterday. See ya mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. That is some swag there. We forgot about your competition. We have written a note and will do it today. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. We Beaglebratz r TRYIN'tue git our entry ready - kinda hard tue git a pikchure with BOTH of us in it butt we r werkin'on it. An'now that we know what the prize iz - we iz werkin'on it a lot harder.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

  10. Hey there! I would be happy to send Christmas Cards to your military guy, but I am uncertain as to what you want. Do you want me to send one Christmas greeting or do you want me to send leftover cards? Please let me know.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

    The new green writing on the black is very hard for some of us to read!

  11. Yep, fur shure we Beaglebratz got our entry in. Took mom a bit tue git it dun - she helped us - BUTT we FINALLY got it sent a while ago.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta


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