Friday, September 21, 2012

Stupid People and Being an OLD Man

OMD! Guyz I haz to tell you about the STUPIDEZT people I metz at the DP (Dog Park) today! Since it is nice out I like to run more and fetch dah ball! Dese people came in with a 10 week old Huskie pup and were complaining he was a scerdy cat, while ENCOURAGING him to be a meanie!!

But just you wait dah mommy unit said something even stupiderezt!!! She was talking to my mommy unit and she sayz "I am just so surprised that he spent 10 weeks at the breeders with his mom and he isn't house trained!" My mommy wanted to shout "THEY DON'T COME OUT OF THE WOMB KNOWING WHAT TO DO!!!!"  But instead she politely said "If he isn't house trained at a year then you have a problem."

UGHZ!!! Then they told him he waz stupid because he wanted to just run around after us other doggies and not chase his ball. Peeps are stupid my friends!

I have decided that now that I am 3 1/2 years old I no longer want to play with other doggies, especially PUPS! Der waz 2 pups and just me in the park today...I just wanted to play wifs meh ball. I am a major party pooper now that I am an old man of 3 1/2 years. Dese pups just wanted to play n play n play n tried to get me to play but I DID NOTZ WANT TOO!! They did not wantz to play with each other either, only ME!!

I has decided that I will be one of those lame-oh's who are ball crazy. Mommy is thinking of leaving the Chuck-IT at home for a few times cuz...she sucks at throwing so mehybe dis will make me want to play with other doggies??

P.S. I has a surprise for you all next Friday but I am NOT happy about dis surprise!

P.P.S. I just got dah call that Murphy & Stanley's schtuff came in...NOT BROKEN!!! YAY!!!!

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Hey Mason - this here iz Shiloh. You iz FAR frum bein'an'old man. ME - now I wood b old BUTT I like tue think that I am just MATURE at 9 y.o. It'z not that u don't want tue play with the pupz - when my little sis Shasta wuz a pup, she wuz like that - play, play, play ALL the time! BUTT it iz up tue us more mature fellaz tue show them what iz rite - playtime iz dun ONLY when WE want tue haf playtime. Now that she iz older an'also more MATURE, we still haf playtime BUTT it iz just NOT all the time.

    Glad the schtuff wuz not all broke up.
    The MATURE Shiloh

  2. Silly peeps with the Huskie. We use to love the ball but now we only have eyes for squiggles. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Yes there is VERY, Very Stupid people in this world. Our take is we play with Mom & Dad in the back yard, we don't go to doggie parks, cause the Friday Night Fights would always break out.

    Your Furends
    Susie Bites

  4. well we can't post about being housetrained at a year..cos we ain't ...some days we are somedays we suck at it..the vet told mom we have kennel mentality whatever that means..sam does real good, i does so so ...turd does NOT!!
    People can be very judgmental with their furpetsss they would be in a world of hurt if the tables were turned wouldn' they!
    stella rose

  5. I swears, some peeps are soooo dumb! Now, I know they are probally first time doggie owners (at least I hope so...or else, eek!) but, really? Not house trained??? Geez, I feel sorry for that poor pup already!
    Oh, Mason, I totally get the 'just wanna play with my ball' thing!! Yups, ME TOO!



    pees: can't wait for the surprise!

  6. Yeppers, some hoomans be really stoopid...not only was what they done stoopid but bringin' a 10 week old dog to da park was stoopid cuz they hasn't hads all there shots yet.


  7. Yes, some peeps are very stupid and know nothing about us pups! I have to stop mom from going up to them and shaking them and asking if they were born that dumb! But secretly I wish she would cuz somebody has to tell them! It makes us sad to think that because they are stupid they will think that the dog is stupid when all he is doing is being a dog!! There should be a class for new owners!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Getting excited!

  8. Humans are totally silly sometimes! Do their babies come out potty trained? Cause, I've seen big kids in diapers, so I think not! I love playing with balls too (and I'm only a pup (sorry))! :-D

  9. I hate when stupid peeps have pets. They should just be stupid all by themselves. I can't wait for your surprise.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. My hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon LOVES balls! Sh is even really good at throwing them!! At least she is starting to jeave MY toys alone.

  11. They is full of stooooopidness! Makes mommy so angered!

  12. Oh wow, I like tennis ball. I stay with a dog sitter sometimes, when my hoomins take a trip. Then I got to share toys with the sitter's other guests. It's not so bad. :)

  13. Ohhhh My vickie can't even tell you what she thinks of some people like the ones you met at the park.

    It just makes her get all steemy in her brain.

    I gotta go calm her down now.



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