Friday, September 28, 2012

My Serprize to Show You!

You all know I have a major addiction to poop, but did you also know that I have a major addiction to rolling in the spot where the poop was laying? This makes me smell like sh*t like roses. Mommy hates loves giving me baths every other day to get the sh*t rose smell out of my fur. 

So she decided to do the following so she can just wet wipe me down and not make my hair and skin all dry.

I have been SHAVED!!

Sporting my cute Collie Ears!

My Halloween shirt that was to small with hair but is now to big with no hair!

My plaid/red reversible jacket! 

My blue/grey reversible jacket!

In the jacket photos I also am wearing my purple sparkly swatch from Collars2Switch.

Murphy & Stanley my mommy finally got off her fat tush and sent all your stuffs! Hopefully the breakable stuff doesn't break! They wrote fragile on it but then the guy turned the box upside down :/

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. Mason, Mason, Mason. You sure look funny with your fur shaved. But I guess one must suffer for one's art.
    Love Noodles

  2. You look cool sportin your new hair cut. We love your jackets. Hope you don't roll in anything
    Benny & Lily

  3. OH NO, not shaved, but you still look good to us.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  4. Mason Dude where is your furs?! Some peeps just can't take the pleasant aroma of rose poop.

  5. Oh, Mason. What is wrong with peeps anyhu? She doesn't like Roses???? Wells, I say that's HER problem!!! hehehe
    Okay, so I TOTALLY understands the gettin' all your furs cut off for NO REASON AT ALL!! It might seem bad now, but you'll get used to it! I think you look lean and mean! Ok, maybe not 'mean'...nice! Oh, heck, your just as adorable as you always have been!!



  6. You look adorable in your outfits! That haircut is very becoming, Mason. Happy Saturday. XOXO

  7. Whoa, you're like naked dude! ;-) Hehehe! Just as the weather is turning too...that's just wrong! I love all your nice, warm jackets though! Take care Mason!

  8. Mason you make us laugh. I rolled in stuff today and went to sit by my peeps on a park bench. Opps the words that came out shall not be repeated. Peeps has invested in boxes of extra heavy duty doggy wipes and that is what I got when we got home. I smell like soap and roses now which is a real pity as the stinky stuff was very foxy. Loving you haircut and coats. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. It's too bad your mom person cleans off your carefully cultivated stink!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Mason, we will be excited to keep an eye on the mailbox - thank you!! And about that shave job. Hmmmm. Our peeps did that to us and then thought it was very easy to give us baths because we would dry fast with less hair. Maybe your mom doesn't appreciate the sweet scent of poop? maybe if you just start with dabbing a bit behind your ears she will adjust?

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Still looking handsome, buddy! I don't roll around in poop, I can't imagine that strong smell of ROSES, though

  12. Oh Mason, what has she done to you..bol It is funny though :)
    Mollie and Alfie

  13. That was clever of your mom to shave you so she clean you more easily. Betty also likes to roll where poop used to be, what is it with you stinky dogs?

  14. Ha! HA! HA! Oh, Mason - I know I shouldn't laught but your post was so funny!! ;-) I LOVE rolling in poo too - although it's a bit better for me coz I only have very short fur and so most things just dry and fall off me. But I do get the Yucky Bath Thing every 2 weeks though - just because my humans don't know how to appreciate my natual doggie BO. Humph!

    You look pretty cool shaved! And what a glam wardrobe! ;-)

    Honey the Great Dane


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