Friday, September 7, 2012

Mom's Rented Baby

WOOF! Do I have news for all of you. We all knowz my Mommy is a HUGE horse person. Dey is her FAVORITE animal. She loves them even more than dogs (insert shocked face here!)!!!!

Well horses are expensive things so she decided she would "lease" one. This is much cheaper than owning one completely!

So here is the Horse mom is looking to lease, her name is Jasmine: (All photo credits from facebook, used with permission)
They rezcued her from the meat ring.

She is learning Dressage, though mom is using her for Western Trail. See that funny coloring on her butt? That is called Dapple.

Look at her crazy hair!

Being half Arabian she has some nice looks to her!

hehe Lookz like she takez napz here!

Don't we live in a beautiful area? See dah bluffs where we hike back there?

She still learning that English Saddle stuff here!

More stats on Mommies Rented Baby tomro!



  1. good thing we weren't rented or mom might have taken us back!
    stella rose

  2. Hey, we got one of those thingies behind our property, it walks up and just ignores our barking, didn't know you could ride it!!!!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  3. Oh Mason, she CANNOT love horses more than you!! This CANNOT be a fact!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Nice horse. MOM tried the Eastern style of riding. She said she would stick to Western. Since we live in the West I guess that makes since.

  5. Oh yay furs your mum! So glad dat da horsie was saved! My mum used to ride western! hers hated English...ugh!
    My mum's dad always goes ridong in Banff which is a LOOOOOONG ways from heres in SC.


  6. I don't believes it....your Moms love horsies more than doggies???? Can't be!
    Well, that is a beautiful big car shes ridin' atop of.
    I thinks she still loves you bestest Mason!



  7. Jasmine is gorgeous! What a lucky horse and your Mom is lucky too. Our Mommy just loves those bluffs behind in the pics. Beautiful!

  8. Jasmine's a pretty one! My mom used to love horses more than dogs too but a few years back, she decided that she liked dogs better! In Lithuania, when she grew up she always dreamed of having a horse but got a dog!!

  9. That is a big baby, but very beautiful. I hope you don't have to compete.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. If the horse is leased does it come with breakdown cover? You want to persevere with the English saddle you know... ;-) Deccy x

  11. Oh Mason so nice to meet Jasmine and lovely to hear mum's teaching her dressage. How Cool Is That? We love horses too so make sure mum does the occasional post with Jasmine and by the way the hking trails look brilliant.Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  12. Thanks to your mom and the owner for the rescue of Jasmine. She is beautiful!


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