Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Service Dog Week

WOOF! Hello all!

Mommy has been CRAZY busy this week with work and hasn't been able to type while I dictate what to say!

Not sure if all you pups and kittehz know this but my mom has a sister who is visually impaired, has many friends who use dog guides, works with children who have Autism, and volunteers for horse therapy. Mommy knows that animals help all sorts of people and is a HUMONGO advocate for service animals.

Mommy does follow Clive, the Autism Assistance Dog who does very good things for his boy Murray! They are currently traveling around Spain! They are originally from Ireland and both Murray and Clive are having a hard time understanding why Spain isn't more service doggy friendly. I thinks everywhere should allow service doggies!

Here in the USA I don't thinks we have much of a problem with this but mommy only has been around service dogs at conventions for visual impairments, disability conventions, friends, etc so she is unsure if all of the USA is so service animal friendly!

Recently Clive made a facebook post about a new guy to the service dog group Hagrid! He is a very special doggy who decided instead of helping visually impaired people he wanted to helps out a person with Austism! How awesome of Hagrid to do this? Many tail wags to him for deciding he wanted to help his boy progress in our world! Hagrid has calmed his boy so much they now can go outs to eat, mini golf, and even go to the zoo!! I wishes I could go to the zoo, that lucky dog and boy! They have only been dog and boy for a little while but they have made HUMONGO strides in a few short weeks! Wrafo!!!

Mommy wants to register me as a therapy dog and take all the tests (I am out of puppy stage I can do a stay calmly for a long time very well now!) but is just to busy with work and horse therapy (she makes so many excuses I know! You should hear the list of why we go to the dog park instead of on walks some nights!).

Do you guys know any service animals? How have they changed their humans life?
 Have you ever heard of Cuddles the Guide Horse?

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. We thinks you would be a PAWSOME therapy dog! Good luck on those tests!

  2. I think service critters are awesome. :)

  3. Of course you would be a great therapy dog.

    1. Goose! I am a lot more exciteds when offline! I likes to do zoomies and get into loads and loads of troubles because I just have all dis collie energy!


  4. How wonderful that you could help people like that. I am proud to know you. It must feel really good inside to reach out and make somebodys day better. Good luck

    Loveys Sasha

    1. Mommy does all the helping, I gets to stay home :(

  5. Hi Mason
    A lot of my FURiends here in Blogville are service animals. It is a gr8 profession, I think. From what I can tell, you'd be a wonderful service animal.
    Love Noodles
    Hey what happened? You are supposed to have 50 followers and you are stuck at 44!!!!

    1. I know Noodles! I am unsure what happened!


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