Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Iams Home 4 the Holidays 2012

Hey guyz! Mom has decided to enter this contest so maybe we can go?! I will let herz talk now as I am super duper tired from the doggy park!

Though I (and Mason) are new to blogging my love for animals has always been there. I volunteer for many things that involve animals including a Great Dane rescue and equine therapy. Some of the dogs that go through the Rescue stay up to over a year! We of course want them to find their Furever homes as soon as possible, foster homes are meant to be short stays J
What Mason and I would love to learn at BarkWorld 2012 is how to showcase our dogs better as well as some doggy photography tricks (my skills are point and click!).

Sometimes I wonder if our website isn’t as well laid out as it could be, but I have no skills to suggest anything better. Learning how others add pizzazz to their websites and showcasing their dogs (or other pets such as cats) to get them a fast Furever home would be a great asset.

Being a rescue, we have some dogs who are perfect for someone out there but they pass over them because we write their summary up in a way that turns people off. “Working on house training,” “Needs leash work,” “Working on socialization,” I think these are needed in a description but finding a better way to word them or work them into a summary of the pet would be great because Great Danes' size alone scares some people, then you hear they need leash work? What does this mean? Does it mean they pull me behind them as I helplessly skid along the cement? Working on house training?! Am I going to have mini yellow lakes and mountains of poo all over my home or is the dog only having accidents every once in awhile? Working on socialization? Do I want a dog who might be mean to others and is so big I wouldn’t be able to hold it back?

Those are some of the things I think go people’s heads when they read these not only in our summaries but in any Rescue/Shelter. Learning how to reword the summary portion and teaching other Rescues and Shelters how to reword their summaries as well to get dogs and other animals adopted faster would be very rewarding! Not for me specifically but the pets!

They deserve to live in Furever homes!

If you would like to know how to get involved in helping animal rescues please click this link:  http://www.iams.com/pet-adoption/home-for-the-holidays

~Mason's Mommy


  1. Woof woof! Yay for contest. :)

  2. Good luck, I hope you get to go. Thank you for helping pals find their furever homes.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Thats great hope you win!! As you know all three of us puggies are rescues...without the foster homes, so we came to mom and dad wild and wooly...they have had to learn alot...and failed some..and learned alot...three steps forward and one back is what mom always says...she thinks foster homes are indeed a big blessing and that we need more...DAD said "don't get any more ideas!!"
    Thanks for volunteering!!
    Stella Rose

  4. Hold my paws for you!!!


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