Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chew & The MOMENT!!

WOOFY!!! Today is the day my friends! The day I pick the WINNER!!!

First I would like to tell you about my new chew as said winner will be receiving this chew in box mail!!

Mommy looked at dese things for a very very long time but never bought one because she thinks I chew like a mad man! Basically I can chew through anything (I mean come on look what I have eaten through before!) So she never bothered. Well the Wags & Whiskers sales lady convinced mommy to buy this chew. NOMNOMNOM I am so happy wif dat sales lady!!! I apologize for mommies crappy photos, she lost the charger to her camera and haz to use her phone -_-

Himalayan Dog Chew. Made out of nothing but Yak and Cows milk!

10 minutes of chewing

20 Minutes of chewing (really didn't get ANYWHERE!!)
Huh I give up dis chew not want in meh tummy! 

Nah I give one more shot. (Notice unused Nylabone right next to me)

Wooftah I got that stupid chew down little where mommy didn't feel comfy letting me chew on it anymore so she put it in the microwave for 37 seconds (obviously needed longer but she got nervous)

You know what that chew did after it came out of microwaves and sat on counter for an hour?! IT TURNEDED INTO A NOMS TREAT!!
It was like magic before meh eyes! I get a 2fer1!!!

 Yup it is true, I lost control for a few seconds there and just went a little nutter. Our winner will be receiving a sized accordingly chew!! As well as other sized accordingly cool toys! How awesome is DAT!?!

Okay the MOMENT we have ALL been waiting for what seems like FOREVERS!!

If you would like to Visit their Blogs please click links: 

Mollie & Alfie: http://www.molliesdogtreats.co.uk
Noreen & Hunter: www.nananors.blogspot.com
Sasha:  http://chicamom85-sassysasha.blogspot.com/
Gracie & Shatzie: www.mygirlzgotpaws.blogspot.com
Pallo & Koira:  mylifewithflyballdogs.blogspot.com
Tootsie: bicontinental-dachshund.blogspot.com
Murphy & Stanley: http://murphyandstanley.blogspot.com/


~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. We just popped over from Murphy and Stanley. Well done you are over 50 (not age) followers. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. HEY I know those two crazy Doodles. They are my friends and I walk with them on Fridays. So glad you met and exceeded your goal. I told you you would. Great video.

  3. Your pals Murphy & Stanley sent us this way, great post, will have to check that out for our Lab Shadow, she can chew through a brick house.

    Your New Furends
    Susie & Bites

    1. Maybe you two need to get together and can attack the woods behind us. Heeheehee

      Susie & Bites

  4. Wows! Congrats Noodles!! What a great prize!! That looked extra yummy! I've never had one of those before Mason, I'm gonna have to have Ma keep and eye out next time she's in the doggie shop!



  5. We will go do some visiting
    Benny & Lily

  6. WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! We are sooooooooo excited!! And after it took mom so long, and so much buggin' to get her to enter us in the contest!! Thanks Mason, you are the bestest and now you have a whole bunch of followers!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. yummy for the tummy!! and mom wouldn't even have to cook those!!
    stella rose

    1. No cooked bones ever for me. Dey are dangerous for us doggies!

  8. Whoops! Me readed Murphy and Stanley's blog too late, but me followed yous anyway! Yous is funny!

  9. Wow, chewies and lots of neat blogies! :)

  10. I got Elka some of those Himalayan chews, and wouldn't you know that in 30 minutes or so she had it down to a nub that I intend to microwave, but haven't yet? She did seem to really really like it, though!

  11. Oh Mason! Congrat to all who entered and to the winners. That was a fun contest and a GRRRRRRRRRRR8 way to get more followers!
    Love Noodles


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