Friday, July 13, 2012

A Note From My Mommy

Hello all!

Mason is taking a nap right now so I figured I would post for him! 

I am all for rescuing your doggy from wherever you can, credible breeders, or even craigslist. I do however have a problem with the people that post on craigslist pet section.

I see a lot of "We don't have time anymore", "she is getting to old", "this is wrong with him", "untrainable". 

1. I do not understand why people get puppies/other pets than 1-12 months down the road they say they didn't realize how much work and time you had to put into your pets! 
       -I understand some people's circumstances change.
      -People should do some breed research as well as just pick up a simple puppy training book!

2. You have had your pet for x amount of years and want to get rid of your pet because it sleeps more, isn't as active, or has a few age related health issues?
      -Where is the site I can do this for my kids (if I had any, and not that I would!)?
      -How can you give up on somebody that loves you that much (you obviously don't love your pet that much if you put this add up simply because your pet is aging!)

3-4. EVERYTHING can be trained out! It is the owners fault for misbehaved dogs. Mason was a horrible (yes I truly mean horrible!) dog when I got him. I didn't give up on him because he was a "bad" dog. He wasn't a bad dog, he just didn't know what was right or wrong to do. He was top dog! 

In my house I AM alpha. I will ALWAYS be alpha. What I say goes! This may sound harsh to some of you but it really isn't. Dogs are naturally pack animals and will look for a leader. If none are found they will step up and be one (which is bad in many situations). Dogs are much happier letting you be the alpha! 

Sorry for such a serious post, but I did think the issue needed to be addressed that when you get a pet it is FOR LIFE (random acts of unusual circumstances are okay!) 

~Stinky Kisses, Mason's Mommy!

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