Monday, July 30, 2012

~Contest Alert~

WOOF!! Guess what friends?! Mom has noticed we have 14 of you! She wants me to have lots of doggy friends so what better way for me to help her out then by having a contest! If we can get to 50 friends by August 20th Mommy will go to that awesome pet place I get nommies from and send the randomly selected winner will get a goody box of really cool things!

I will lets mommy explain the rules and details:

Hi all! 

I hope to have Mason's friends up to 50 followers on here (and as many as we can get on facebook!) 

All you have to do is send a photo of you and your best friend(s)  having fun, chilling, or whatever it is that you and your friend(s) do! 

All entries (single emails) will be given a number and number will be randomly selected by Mason.

You can email your entries to: organism18 @ gmail. com

Please include the following:

  • You and your friend(s) name
  • You (and if your friend has) a blog link
  • One or more photos (all will be entered as the same number)
  • Anything else you think is important to mention
Have fun friends!

~Stinky Kisses, Mason


  1. I'll get on this right away!

    1. Sweet Goose! I look forward to seeing you and your chosen friends!

      ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  2. Hey Big Stinky Dog,

    So nice to meet you buddy :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. Hi Mason and Mason's Mom:
    I am a little black pug that lives in Iowa. My Mom has been blogging for almost a took her a year to figure out how to do a blog..I am not going to comment on that fact. Check out my new blog..I tend to be a little sarcastic but am full of love. I live with two other rescue pugs, my brother Sam who is two and my aunt Trudie who is six plus "mean ole cat Dietzman"...welcome!! Stella rose

  4. Hi!!! It's so nice to meet you!!!

    I shall look through my photos to see if I have an entry! Even if I don't, I will still follow your blog! I have a blog too!

    Your new pal,

  5. What a great idea. we have pictures on the way now.
    and why do they call you stinky dog?

    1. I is stinky Bert. I have this natural doggy odor and stinky breaths that won't go away no matters what. I also like to roll in stinky stuffs!


  6. Hi, I'm trying to send you an email with photos attached but Gmail is coming back saying your email address is not recognized. I've joined your followers and will also go to FB but hopefully can get my email out to you.


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