Monday, June 18, 2012

Vacation and Listening Classes!

Mommy says I am going someplace I will really love for a few days while she goes "on vacation" whatever that is! She says I get my very own room, play area, webcam, person, toys, and playtime with other dogs! There is this very lovely place I go sometimes to get yummies we cannot find anyplace else (BARF patties!) called The Family Dog Center & The Dawg Haus Hotel (Can you tell we are a heavy German decent population?)

She also says that I will be attending these things called O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E C-L-A-S-S! Does this mean I will have to start listening to mommy better?! I know she gets angry with me when I get into the bathroom and kitchen garbage, and one time I brought a half alive bird inside that Kitty killed! It looked so fun to play with!!

Mommy also says once I complete Advanced levels of this listening stuff I will be learning Canine Freestyle! This sounds like fun, but we will see!

Do you parents make you go to classes?! I thought school was only for two legged pups!?

~Stinky Kisses, Mason

(P.S. Mom doesn't have any photos for this post so she included one from our first Halloween! Here is me as a doctor!)

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